A journal of my forced feminization and discipline by my dominant wife. She is requiring me to keep this journal and share it with others. She is also hoping that other dominant ladies can help her with ideas to further humiliate, control, and punish her little purse-boy husband.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday, 15 Oct. 2006
Well it has been a busy couple of days since I last posted. My wife has definitely kept her word, I have held her purse every second that we have been together. At night she has me wear a bra. This is so she can put her purse in the bra so I can sleep with it. Now every night I have big pocketbook titties (her words, not mine). Now I am writing this with my "pocketbook titties" and I am also wearing matching panties and a night gown. My Matron said that it looked silly having me wear a bra without matching everything else to it.
I was also caught playing with my self yesterday (it has been a while and I get very flustered) so now I am also wearing a chastity device to keep me honest. I has been very flustering not to have any control over my release, and it has only been a couple of days. What have I gotten myself into. Matron was very clear at the time that the chastity device was prevention, not punishment. She was also very clear about my need to be punished for my deeds. For this she had me spank my balls with the back of a hair brush. This really hurt, and although I was the one doing it, I had no control as I was taking orders from my Matron. My wife admitted that she is not very creative with punishments yet, and asked me to send out a plea for good ideas. If anyone is reading this that has any Ideas please post a comment. She has promised that if she uses the punishment she will have me write a follow up to let the contributor know how things went.

humbly yours,

Thursday, October 12, 2006

This is my first blog so please bear with me as it is quite embarrassing. My wife has insisted that I start this, she also insist that I maintain with frequent postings. I would also like to encourage feedback as she would like a constant stream of new ideas to "keep her purse-boy in line".
Let me begin by describing my particular situation. I am married, and my wife wears the pants in the family, I wear what ever she tells me to. Her nick name for me is purse-boy, and I am almost always required to carry her purse. Her reasoning for this is, men have forced women to need to carry purses with their beauty and make-up expectations, so it is only fair that I am punished for this. She also contends that carrying her purse is not a punishment for me, but a privilege. When she goes shopping I always go with her and carry her purse and any packages. She gets comments all the time from other women saying how lucky she is to have a husband who enjoys shopping and is willing to carry her purse for her.
Starting today I will be required to carry her purse at all times, unless given permission to set it down. She said that beginning today things are going to be changing. I will keep you posted on the results of this.

Humbly yours,